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Post  Admin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:06 pm

Here is a space to tell your stories about Mountain, post your pictures of you and Mountain together, take bets on when he will move next, etc.

Mountain Stories Mounta10

If you don't know who Mountain is, he is the Protector in Freedom Harbor, R7, who stands in front of the bank all day. We have confirmed multiple eye-witness reports that he has in fact moved from that spot. Rumors are he even makes it to the Auction House to put items up to be bid on.

Speculation about the ground beneath his feet has been proven - Freedom Harbor was not built around Mountain, which means he arrived to his spot sometime after the FH Rosemasons paved the town square.

Many have wondered when he will become an official NPC. It is believed that he has no ability to speak, which leads many to conclude that he will never rise to the rank of Quest Giver.

If you have anything about Mountain you want to post, feel free! Just thought this would make some of you laugh a bit! Very Happy


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